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Alawar Games is at it again and I’m hooked. I have always said I’m not really a gamer but it turns out that I’m just not into console games very much. Give me a PC game, especially a Match 3 and I’m hooked. Just one more level. Just let me get through this one level and I’ll go do something productive. Next thing you know it’s been 3 hours and nothing’s been done.

I am seriously considering grounding myself from PC games!

enchanted cavern

But first let me tell you about Enchanted Cavern 2. The graphics are vivid and stunning with lots of bright colours and eerie backgrounds.

The levels are challenging and as you progress the challenge becomes greater, and sometimes the game changes. Some levels will have you breaking blocks, clearing coloured tiles or dropping items off the gameboard and then they’ll throw you one that has you doing all of the above and I almost failed the level thinking it was finished but I was only concentrating on one aspect and missed a tile.

The soundtrack was quite fun yet still eerie, yes I went and played it some more just so I could come tell you about the soundtrack because I never have the sound on. It’s quite light and playful and the sound effects are resounding. The big BOOM of a bomb blast, the beep beep of a stopwatch when you add more time. It’s lots of fun, but I will always prefer to play without sound regardless I think. And it helps with multi-tasking.

enchanted cavern

There are 110 levels, 3 different modes that you can play – Adventure, Endless and Puzzle. I am playing Adventure at the moment and I can’t seem to get into the other 2 modes, possibly only after you get through Adventure. There are also 4 types of bonuses and 21 trophies (of which I’ve collected quite a few).

This game captures the attention of my kids every time they walk past and it’s only a matter of time before they are bugging me to let them play too, I’m sure of it.

There is also a relaxed mode that you can play, taking out the time limit so you don’t need to beat the clock. I didn’t even try that one this time and I am having a ball. This is a great game that will entertain the whole family for hours.

Regardless of time or other things to do I just want to see what challenges are waiting for me in the next level! Play this game, you’ll be glad you did. I love it so if you like Match 3 definitely give it a go.

You can download this game, and many others, at: www.alawar.com

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