A Kingdom for Keflings

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the kingdom for keflings

Budding architects will be thrilled with the new city building game from Ninjabee. Set in medieval times, you come in as a giant with your sole purpose to help the Keflings (tiny people) build their dream kingdom.

The Keflings village is struggling to get things done without management.  However once you take charge and delegate jobs the workers are fully capable.  Scattered around the colourful village are natural resources, which the Keflings will harvest if put in the appropriate spot, some of these locations contain special bonuses or equipment which will make jobs easier.

As you advance through the game, sets of blueprints are unlocked to help you continue building; the projects continue to increase in size and difficultly. Needing more complex supplies, you will be required to send the Keflings to trade schools so they are capable of harvesting the more complex resources.  Not only do you get to act as building constructor you also get to decorate how you see fit.

Even though you are a giant you can’t inflict pain on the Keflings – well not permanent pain, you can kick them but there is no need to.  There are no enemies, or time limits, which makes for a unique and relaxing game play experience as you’re not rushing through it, which allows your entire focus to be on the simple strategy and puzzle solving skills of planning and building the kingdom, which makes a relaxing change and a peaceful gaming experience.

The game also allows you to play with your friends via an online option with up to four players working on the one kingdom which would turn the job into a synch.

A Kingdom for Keflings was originally created for the XBox and is now available on PC.

To download the FREE trial: A Kingdom for Keflings

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